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Federal Government. Census Bureau. This is a very efficient way to search! Trade associations or organizations are made up of people who work in a certain industry or market. They can be a powerful networking tool and can offer career opportunities as you build your resume. Some information is free, while membership may offer additional information.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012

My Library Account. Industrial Classification Codes: All companies are classified by the federal government into categories called industry classifications based on the general product of business line of the company. The industry classification allow you to compare like companies and industries. Directories may contain one or both of these codes.

SIC, NAICS & MCC Codes. Online dating consultants and service providers are categorized by SIC Code, NAICS Code and Visa Merchant Category Code (MCC​).

The purpose of calculating industry ratios is to evaluate your chosen company’s strengths and weaknesses as compared to those of competing businesses in that industry. The Sawyer Library subscribes to several resources which provide these ratios, some are electronic, and some are in print. Mildred F. Where do I start??? Industry Ratios The purpose of calculating industry ratios is to evaluate your chosen company’s strengths and weaknesses as compared to those of competing businesses in that industry.

Includes “typical” balance sheet and income statements with “common-size” financial figures, as well as 14 performance ratios. B2 R6 This print publication from RMA provides “common-size” balance sheets and income statements, and 16 financial and operating ratios, for over lines of business, by company size groups, organized by SIC code. Each industry is described by fifty performance indicators, which are based on tax returns.

The results will contain balance sheet, income statement, and ratio information. NOTE: search using the ticker symbol! V26 The print version of Value Line. The Global Industry Surveys, accessible by following the Industry tab in the top banner, cover a small selection of industries across broad regions.

Mobile Apps Research Guide: Industry Classification: NAICS/SIC

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An online database providing financial reports and company (SIC) Code, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code, and.

Industry research will help you find statistics and information for companies that produce similar products and services. Use this data to explore an industry’s potential for growth and more. This data will give you an overview of various industries including size of the industry, history of the industry, products and services and an outlook for years ahead. Many online and print sources group statistics and data by these codes. Although very similar to SIC codes, it has expanded to include more technological and service industries.

Both coding systems are commonly used so it is advisable to look up both codes of your industry. Check our catalog to find the following print sources at the library:. It is often very useful to explore an industry within a particular geographic context. These print and online sources will help you do just that. There are many excellent sources of general industry information. The books listed below are reference materials and cannot be checked out.

Coding Games – Finding Information for U.S. Micro-Industries

Industries are groups of companies in the same line of business. Points of interest in industry research include financial trends, industry profiles, current and projected environment, major companies and their market share. NAICS is a powerful indexing tool used by hundreds of government and commercial databases. It groups natural language industry descriptions into one through six digit hierarchical codes that often allow you to retrieve just the data you want for a specific industry configuration.

Small or very new industries may not have specific codes.

Business, Economics, Finance with brief information on 15, companies covered by Hoover’s. Mergent Online. Detailed, accurate and.

The North American Industry Classification System NAICS is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U. NAICS codes are organized as a hierarchy meaning that the more digits in the code the more specific the description or meaning. The top level codes have 2 digits and goes down to 6 digits. For Example one of the top level categories has code “11 – Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting” so a category of ” – Animal Production and Aquaculture” would come under the “11 – Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting” category, but would be more specific.

The Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing crops, raising animals, harvesting timber, and harvesting fish and other animals from a farm, ranch, or their natural habitats. The establishments in this sector are often described as farms, ranches, dairies, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, or hatcheries. A farm may consist of a single tract of land or a number of separate tracts which may be held under different tenures.

For example, one tract may be owned by the farm operator and another rented. It may be operated by the operator alone or with the assistance of members of the household or hired employees, or it may be operated by a partnership, corporation, or other type of organization.

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North American Industry Classification System Code: Credit card notification services (i.e., lost or stolen card reporting); Dating services; Discount​.

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Mergent Online An online database providing financial reports and company descriptions including U.

NAICS Code Description

There are 10, companies verified as active in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 62, people. This image represents an activity or product found in this industry. Some of the leading and most notable companies are listed below.

The following is a list of the NAICS codes in force as of the fall of They replace the SIC Online psychic, escorts, dating, party planning, shopping.

Our offices remain closed to the public. We can fully support you remotely. Business Relief: Revenue is ready to do everything it can to help “businesses stay in business. For example a firm with SIC primarily sells retail furniture. These codes were developed by the federal government and are used by the U. For a list of SIC codes click here.

Wholesale and Retail Industries by North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code

The U. Government uses a set of Codes to classify similar companies and organizations into industries in order to gather and analyze data. Industry reports are created by market research firms, investment analysts, and some government agencies. These are usually lengthy reports, focused on one industry, and updated regularly. Skip to Navigation Skip to Content. Company Research In this guide you’ll find helpful resources for researching companies.

Lookup the definition of NAICS code here. escort services; Consumer buying services; Wedding planning services; Dating services.

Theory and Simulations of Networks. You can download our Matlab script here. State Variables. You can download them from this file. I explain below how to construct each variable. We obtained from the US county and city book, available here. Multiple dwelling units. The key variable is unitsstr; MDU are units in a structure with three or more units. We obtain the year average unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, click here.


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How to replicate the data in our paper “Social Integration via Online Dating“. Theory and The sic codes are converted to naics codes using this website.

You will not receive a reply. Skip to main content Skip to “About government”. These codes are for paper filers only. Industry Codes — Agricultural or animal services Agricultural or animal services Industry codes Support activities for crop production Support activities for animal production Industry Codes — Education, health or social services Education, health or social services Industry codes Educational services Other schools and instruction All other schools and instruction Educational support services Nursing and residential care facilities Individual and family services Community food and housing, and emergency and other relief services Vocational rehabilitation services Child daycare services Industry Codes — Accommodation, food or beverage services Accommodation, food or beverage services Industry codes Traveller accommodation Recreational vehicle RV parks and recreational camps Rooming and boarding houses Food service contractors Caterers Mobile food services Drinking places alcoholic beverages Full-service restaurants Limited-service eating places Industry Codes — Personal or household services Personal or household services Industry codes Carpet and upholstery cleaning services Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities Personal care services Funeral services Dry cleaning and laundry services Industry Codes — Other services Other services Industry codes Automotive equipment rental and leasing Consumer goods rental General rental centres Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing Photographic services Travel agencies Services to buildings and dwellings Janitorial services except window cleaning Religious, grant-making, civic, and professional and similar organizations Private households Industry Codes — Household goods stores Household goods stores Industry codes Furniture stores Home furnishings stores Electronics and appliance stores

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